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Vehicle Fire Suppression systems available from Wormald

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Wormald , a provider of fire protection solutions offer Vehicle Fire Suppression systems that comply with Australian Standard AS 5062-2006: Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.

By undergoing rigorous fire tests and system component stress tests, Wormald have passed the system approval for their Foam Water Spray Vehicle Fire Suppression system to be compliant with AS 5062 and is CSIRO ActivFire listed. In addition, Wormald are in the process of having their Ansul A101 Vehicle Powder System, which is FM Global approved, also achieve AS 5062 compliance.

Key industries such as mining and forestry along with occupational health and safety bodies were the driving force behind the introduction of Australian Standard AS 5062 by Standards Australia. Failure of some Vehicle Fire Suppression systems to perform due to lack of fire industry standardisation was a major concern.

Wormald’s Vehicle Fire Suppression systems provide critically needed risk reduction management for heavy vehicles along with plant and equipment used in mining, quarrying, construction and forestry industries against the threat of fire.

In case of a fire break out, the Wormald Vehicle Fire Suppression systems provide operators with the additional time necessary to safely evacuate. The Wormald Vehicle Fire Suppression systems also provide protection against business interruption by minimising damage to the vehicle or equipment through the suppression of the fire.

AS 5062 has garnered support from the NSW Department of Primary Industries and the mining and forestry industries. Komatsu Forest Australia stress the importance of a Vehicle Fire Suppression system that is capable of addressing both operator safety and equipment protection.

In accordance with AS 5062, Wormald provide a fire risk assessment process, which assists in determining the appropriate system to use for each vehicle application. These systems include the Wormald Foam Water Spray system and the Ansul A101 Vehicle Powder System.

The Foam Water Spray system features high pressure and small droplet nozzles targeting high risk areas such as engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulic areas and utilises the fire suppression and containment features of Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF).

Alternately, the A101 Vehicle Powder system discharges a dry powder known as Foray into the hazard volume to suppress a fire and is suitable for three dimensional liquid fuel fires.

A major component to AS 5062 is the regular inspection, testing and preventative maintenance and survey procedures for Vehicle Fire Suppression systems to ensure that a system is fully functional and performs as designed if a fire occurs. Wormald offer such measures under their Quality Assurance approach to testing and maintenance.

Wormald note that all their technicians involved with these systems are required to complete the Vehicle Fire Suppression systems certification programme.

To further enhance the skill levels of the technicians, Wormald will roll out a full registered training organisation competency-based system for certificate II and III in fire protection equipment and Vehicle Fire systems that is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

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