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Tyco appoint Richard Kelleway as President of fire protection solutions division

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Richard Kelleway was appointed President of Tyco Fire Protection Services Asia-Pacific, a new division within the fire protection solutions and electronic security company Tyco Fire & Security, which incorporates  Australasian brand, Wormald .

The move is set to unite and re-energise the fire businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Asia with Richard Kelleway charged with encouraging the previously disparate teams to work collaboratively, share research and development, and strengthen Tyco’s fire businesses.

Tyco Fire Protection Services Asia-Pacific incorporates 15 countries including India, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Taiwan. While Australia and New Zealand currently accounts for nearly half of the Asia-Pacific fire business, the potential growth markets in Asia are likely to result in an increased proportion of the business being generated by Asia over the next few years.

Initially, India and China will be the main focus for the business, with India boasting the biggest emerging market and China offering a significant growth market. India’s key strengths lie in the vertical markets such as power and automotive buildings, while China also has a large power base as well as a wealth of minerals businesses.

Tackling these two markets will not be without a number of challenges, namely labour and Tyco’s competitors. Kelleway’s team will need to garner an understanding of the locals and their business methodologies before adding to its staff. Tyco also needs to continuously communicate its expertise and the benefit of using a one-stop-shop for design, installation, commissioning and service and maintenance in order to compete with other multinationals operating in the region.

The new structure will enable Asia to take a number of key learnings from the well-established Australasian market which they can then adapt for their own marketplace. At the same time, the Australasian team will be encouraged to review the Asian businesses and adopt identified better practices.

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