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Setting the standard for fire safety

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Wormald’s heavy vehicle fire systems suppress fires in the engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulics areas of mining, quarrying and other heavy vehicles.

Wormald products for the protection of mining equipment include Wormald Heavy Vehicle Fire System, Ansul A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems and Twin Agent (dry powder/foam systems).

Wormald Heavy Vehicle Fire System: protects the high-risk areas of vehicles and machinery by discharging super fine foam-water spray droplets that provide rapid extinguishment and dramatic cooling of hot re-ignition sources. The Wormald Aqueous Film Forming Foam additive smothers fuel and oil spill fires preventing re-ignition.

This system was developed in Australia specifically for its harsh conditions and remote locations. It is easily recharged on the spot, which is particularly important where specialised support is not immediately available.

Ansul A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems: similarly, this system is pre-engineered for protection of industrial equipment in the mining sector. This system discharges a dry powder agent known as Foray into the hazard volume to suppress a fire. It is well suited to the 3D liquid fuel fires in mining machinery.

Twin Agent: a combination of the Wormald Heavy Vehicle Fire System and the Ansul A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems.

In 2004, the Scientific Service Laboratory (SSL) announced a new listing category for heavy vehicle suppression systems to set minimum standards and reduce fire damage as a result of untested and unproven fire suppression systems.

Wormald says it was the first and only company to attain SSL approval listing for its heavy vehicle fire systems. An SSL approval listing is granted to a company only after its system passes rigorous testing on all components, materials and various combinations of full-scale test fires.

The Ansul A-101 Vehicle Fire Suppression has received approval under international UL standards and SSL.

The Australian standard AS5062 Fire protection of mobile and transportable equipment was developed from a request by the mining industry in 2003 and Australian Mining understands it is scheduled for publication in February.

Government mine safety regulators and some in the mining industry are concerned about the high level of failure of some fire systems to extinguish fires. Wormald says this failure is often due to a lack of fire industry discipline and standardisation, which in some cases results in poor quality products and installation.

The new standard will address the issue of quality by mandating system approval fire testing and component environmental suitability testing by a recognised third party testing laboratory.

Wormald says the introduction of this standard was spurred by the pro-active approach by its development of a fire and component approval testing regime for vehicle systems as part of its Heavy Vehicle Fire System achieving full SSL listing.

Wormald specialises in fire protection systems, supply and installation of portable fire protection equipment, diesel or electric pump sets and training.

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