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School Buses Must Be Equipped with Fire Protection Systems, says Wormald

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Leading fire protection specialist Wormald is encouraging bus and coach companies to equip their vehicles with the latest fire detection systems to provide school children with the highest level of protection possible.  

Wormald made the suggestion following a number of recent fires on school buses.    

According to John Lynch of Wormald, there have been some lucky escapes in a couple of recent school bus fires.  

Wormald urges bus and coach companies to install up-to-date fire protection systems in addition to ensuring proper training for the drivers of these vehicles so that they know how to use the equipment in an emergency.    

He adds that schools also need to be better informed about the fire protection systems available so that they can be assured bus and coach companies have installed these measures in their vehicles.  

Wormald recommends that priority fire protection be given to such vehicles used within the community.  

Wormald offers a comprehensive Vehicle Fire Suppression (VFS) system designed specifically for school buses, taking into account factors such as capacity and design.  

In the event of a fire, Wormald’s vehicle fire suppression systems provide early detection and warning to allow the occupants of the bus additional time to safely evacuate, while simultaneously suppressing the fire quickly to help minimise damage to the vehicle.  

Wormald’s foam water spray-based VFS system consists of high pressure, small droplet nozzles that discharge a continuous stream of foam water spray at high risk areas such as engine and transmission compartments as well as hydraulic areas.  

The extinguishing agent is a mixture of water and 6% foam concentrate called Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF).  

The spray quickly suppresses flames and cools hot surfaces as well as smothers fuel and oil-spill fires, helping to prevent re-ignition.  

These fire suppression systems offer both manual and automatic actuation options to suit individual preferences. The system can also be recharged on the spot, which is particularly beneficial for buses travelling into remote areas where specialised support might not be immediately available.  

Wormald was one of the first companies in Australia offering vehicle fire suppression systems to comply with Australian Standard AS 5062-2006: Fire protection for mobile and transportable equipment.  

Wormald’s foam water spray vehicle fire suppression systems have achieved approval to AS5062 by undergoing a series of rigorous fire tests and system component stress tests.  

Wormald also provides a fire risk assessment process compliant with AS 5062, which assists in determining the areas of the vehicle with greatest risk and the most appropriate system to protect them.  

Wormald also provides regular inspections, testing, preventative maintenance and survey procedures for the VFS system to ensure that it is fully functional and ready to perform in the event of a fire.

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