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Mobile chipper fitted with Wormald Foam Water Spray vehicle fire suppression system

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Fire protection specialist Wormald has installed its AS5062 compliant Foam Water Spray vehicle fire suppression system onto the first Bruks 805.2 mobile chipper to be introduced to Australia, as well as an Eco Log 594C forwarder onto which the chipper is mounted.

With improved productivity and easier operation, the new Bruks 805.2 mobile chipper is a groundbreaking solution for the industry, while the Eco Log 594C forwarder is an equally pioneering vehicle with optimal mobility and navigation as well as running on 100% bio diesel fuel1.

Australian distributor, Scandinavian Forestry & Engineering wanted to equip these high tech, sophisticated vehicles with quality vehicle fire suppression systems to help protect the operator in the event of a fire.

Wormald was approached to carry out a fire risk assessment in accordance with AS5062 for the vehicles in order to determine their key risk areas and recommend the most appropriate vehicle fire suppression system to address such risks.

With its high pressure, small droplet nozzles that target high risk areas such as engine and transmission compartments, brakes and hydraulic areas, it was Wormald’s Foam Water Spray vehicle fire suppression system that was chosen for the job.

This vehicle fire suppression system is designed to discharge a continuous stream for approximately 60 seconds to rapidly suppress flames and dramatically cool hot surfaces to help prevent re-flash. At the same time, the foam additive, Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), smothers fuel and oil-spill fires to help avert re-ignition.

The installation of these vehicle fire suppression system included:

  • mounting of cylinders
  • fitting manual and auto actuators
  • fitting fire monitoring panels and detection lines
  • fitting hoses; and
  • carefully positioning nozzles where they can target potential hot spots.
The fire panels and actuators were mounted in the cab of the forwarder, allowing the operator to easily monitor or discharge either the manual or auto system in both the forwarder and chipper. Should a fire break out, the Wormald vehicle fire suppression system can provide the operator with the additional time necessary to safely evacuate.

These vehicle fire suppression systems also help protect against business interruption by quickly detecting and suppressing fire, thus minimising damage to the vehicles and equipment.

Once the vehicles are in operation, Wormald has the expertise to undertake regular inspections, testing, preventative maintenance and survey procedures for the systems should it be required.

Wormald’s Foam Water Spray VFFS is CSIRO ActivFire listed to be compliant with AS 5062.

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