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Inergen inert gas fire suppressant available from Wormald

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Inergen system, available from Wormald , is an inert gas fire suppressant consisting entirely of natural gases causing no harm to people or damage to property. Inergen is a natural gas, there is no fogging, which allows people in the protected area to safely evacuate and to breathe easily.

Inergen does not require an expensive exhaust system to remove any suppressant after the fire has been extinguished. The Inergen system smothers fire by reducing the atmospheric oxygen in a room from the usual 21% to around 12.5% - a level at which most ordinary combustibles would not burn.

Inergen also addresses environmental considerations. The Inergen system has no polluting effect as it is composed completely of natural substances from the atmosphere. Consequently, with no chemicals, it has no ozone depletion or global warming potential. When the components are released they resume their natural role in the atmosphere. Furthermore, Inergen does not leave behind any toxic or corrosive deposits.

The Inergen system is available exclusively through Wormald and is cost-effective with affordable gas refills. From the year 1889, Wormald have designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and serviced fire detection and protection systems for a wide variety of industries, including building and construction, health care, military, government, leisure management, corporate, education and domestic.

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