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Fire detection and alarm systems from Wormald

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When designing and building a new facility, it is important to meet the fire protection requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) for occupant safety as well as protecting the building and other assets.

Wormald  offer a range of fire detection and alarm systems incorporating advanced technologies that provide highly effective and reliable fire protection solutions, which meet the requirements of the BCA.

Featuring innovative MX Technology, Vigilant MX systems offer advanced analogue addressable fire detection combined with a simple to operate user interface for fire fighters. In the event of a fire, the alphanumeric display indicates the exact location of an alarm, providing the zone number, the operated fire detector (point) and a text description.

Vigilant MX systems provide the optimum method of detection for most types of fire due to the combined photoelectric and heat and the combined carbon dioxide and heat fire detectors – both of which can operate in a large range of modes covering numerous applications without the need to physically change the detectors.

Nuisance alarms are minimised with a fuzzy logic algorithm for the photoelectric sensor while the carbon monoxide sensor is inherently immune to all common nuisance alarm sources yet provides early response to slow smouldering fires. The heat sensor enhances the detectors flaming fire response.

Complementing the Vigilant MX systems, Wormald offer the Vigilant QE90 Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System (EWIS). Integrating the emergency intercom system with the emergency warning system enables fire wardens to coordinate an orderly evacuation to reduce the risk of injury or death.

The Vigilant QE90 evacuation signal incorporates the latest ISO 8201 temporal tones interspersed with digitised voice messages detailing instructions on how to vacate the building safely. In addition, a chief warden can provide additional instructions using the emergency PA facility. The signals are broadcast through amplifiers and loudspeakers covering each level or zone of the building.

The Vigilant systems are available through Wormald, who also provide highly trained fire experts to service the systems on a regular basis. Wormald are Australasia’s well-known providers of fire protection solutions.

Since 1889, Wormald have designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and serviced fire detection and protection systems for a range of industries including building and construction, health care, military, government, leisure management, corporate, education and domestic.

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