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Fire Protection Solutions from Wormald for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Leading fire protection specialist Wormald offers a range of fire protection solutions for the oil and gas industry.  

Wormald can design, install, service and upgrade fire protection systems as well as provide consulting, technical support, engineering advice and training services in addition to developing evacuation plans.  

Wormald’s fire protection solutions for oil and gas facilities include heat and smoke detection systems, sprinkler systems, foam systems, fire suppression systems, fire-fighting equipment and training services.    

MX technology detection systems  

Consisting of heat detectors and smoke detectors, Wormald’s detection systems can be connected to one or more of their specialised MX series control panels.  

As data is fed through from key locations, the panel analyses the information and generates an alarm when necessary. The sophisticated intelligence reduces false alarms while providing a robust and rapid analysis of fire activity.  

Sprinkler systems  

Wormald supplies a range of highly flexible sprinkler systems designed to meet specific requirements of the building.  

Working in conjunction with a detection system, sprinklers can automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm and control the fire.  

Foam systems  

Specialised foams are used to bring volatile fuels under control. Wormald’s foam deployment devices include sub surface injection systems, top side foam chambers and remote controlled foam cannons, all designed to suppress a fire as quickly as possible.  

Portable fire equipment  

First aid fire-fighting equipment supplied by Wormald include portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets that form the first line of defence when a fire breaks out.  

Wormald offers a range of portable fire extinguishers to suit all classes of fire and fire risk.  

Inergen suppression systems  

Ideal for mission-critical facilities, Inergen is an inert gas fire suppressant designed to suppress fires without causing harm to people or damage to equipment.  

Entirely composed of natural gases from the atmosphere, the Inergen system also addresses environmental considerations with zero pollution effects.  


SAPPHIRE uses an inert carbon-based chemical agent that suppresses fires without causing damage to equipment or the building.  

Key advantages of the fire protection solution include lower repair bills and less impact on business.  

SAPPHIRE is ideal for areas that house sensitive equipment, which cannot be shut down. With an atmospheric lifetime of only five days, it has no harmful impact on the environment.  

Wormald’s fire protection solutions at oil and gas facilities:  

Wormald recently installed its VIGILANT MX1 fire detection and alarm system at Shell’s Mackay Harbour fuel terminal in Queensland to protect hazardous areas.  

Incorporating Wormald’s MX intrinsically safe detectors and manual call points, the comprehensive installation provides protection across the terminal office, electrical switch rooms, bulk lube storage and fire pump rooms.  

Call points are also installed around the site for manual alarm notification. Flame-proof evacuation speakers and warning strobes are included throughout the site to notify staff of an alarm.  

The system is additionally connected to fire brigade monitoring for rapid notification and response in the event of an incident.  

Wormald also provides Shell Australia with routine and non-routine servicing on a vast range of fire protection equipment at the company’s 25 terminals and depots across the country.  

Their scope of services includes comprehensive training for Shell personnel, enabling them to monitor their fire protection systems and efficiently respond in an emergency situation.

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