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Emergency resuscitation equipment from Wormald

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Leading fire suppression systems specialist, Wormald offers a range of fire protection equipment, emergency resuscitation equipment and fire safety training suitable for the mining industry.  

The GCE Sabre Medical Manual & Automatic Resuscitation System (MARS) is part of Wormald’s life safety and rescue equipment portfolio. Wormald is the exclusive GCE trained service provider for the emergency resuscitation equipment in Australia and New Zealand.  

Designed to suit the needs of the mining industry, the Sabre MARS offers both manual and automatic resuscitation modes and is based around two central components, the control module and the patient valve. The gas supply is passed through the automatic channel and delivered to the patient as a specific breathing programme, according to the chosen flow rate.  

The Sabre MARS emergency resuscitation equipment is ideal for use in irrespirable atmospheres such as underground mines with the demand valve delivering 100% oxygen. An optional oxygen cylinder connector with a 2-pin index or DIN thread provides added versatility, allowing it to be attached to a range of different cylinders.

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