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Ansul Piranha and Ansul R-102 systems available from Wormald

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Fire suppression systems protect personnel, and high risk, production intensive assets. Wormald have a special hazards team addressing the requirements of different commercial applications, including water deluge systems, water spray, water mist systems, gaseous fire extinguishing systems and foam extinguishing systems.

Inergen system available from Wormald is an inert gas fire suppressant consisting entirely of natural gases. The Inergen system is suitable for a plant or data room, or other mission critical environment, which features expensive, high-tech equipment. In a critical environment, a fire suppressant should protect high-tech equipment from the fire and also prevent any damage from the fire suppressant itself. A wet fire suppressant could not fulfil this requirement. Inergen’s natural gas composition will prevent damage being caused to the equipment.

A restaurant on the other hand requires a fire suppressant system designed to combat the high temperatures reached in a commercial kitchen. Wormald provides two suppression systems aimed at two different situations – the Ansul Piranha and the Ansul R-102. The Piranha system addresses the increasing use of higher temperature cooking oils and slow cooking appliances, whereas the R-102 system is specifically designed to suppress fires occurring in cooking appliances and ductwork.

In the event of a fire, both systems will discharge a wet chemical agent for rapid flame knockdown. The R-102 system will first form a vapour sealing blanket that will cool the hot surfaces to prevent fire re-flash, whereas the chemical used in the Piranha system will also form a vapour sealing blanket and then follow this up with a water discharge to achieve additional cooling to the surfaces.

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