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Safety gloves from Workforce Safety Products

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Workforce Safety Products’ HCR gloves range includes high cut resistant gloves that are suitable for sheet metal work, delicate and precise applications, glass handling, cutting applications, automotive assembly and recycling.

Workforce Safety Products’ mechanics glove is a synthetic glove with neoprene or silicon leather slip resistance pads on the palm for strong grip maintenance in all conditions. The gloves are applicable for industries such as shipping, automotive, power tool use and metal and general handling. Workforce Safety Products’ household and disposable gloves come in beaded cuff and textured types for tear resistance and added grip for use during household chores including gardening.

Workforce Safety Products’ cotton gloves combines comfort, economy and dexterity with PVC dots providing gripping ability and durability. Workforce Safety Products’ leather gloves range is well suited to handle form equipments and forklifts, for operators of construction equipment and utility workers.

Workforce Safety Products offers latex dipped gloves, which come with a rubber coated crinkle finish providing more comfort and cut resistance. Latex dipped gloves are available with jersey lining and interlock lining while the knit jersey lining keeps the hands warm and provides more comfort. the interlock lining keeps hands cool and absorbs sweat.

Workforce Safety Products’ latex dipped gloves are suitable for handling sharp-edged materials like sheet metal, scrap metal, glass, abrasive or building materials like lumber of concrete blocks.

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