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Disposable respirators and waterproof rainwear from Workforce Safety Products

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Workforce Safety Products  provides disposable respirators, which come in two styles namely the Cupped P1 and Flat fold P2 style. P1 disposable respirators provide protection from mechanically produced particles like mist and dust. They are suitable for applications in sawing, sanding, planning, fibreglass handling, drilling, gardening, removing or cutting bonded asbestos products and mining dusts like coal dust.

Workforce Safety Products’ P2 flat fold disposable respirators have adjustable nose clip, the outer layer of which is made of polypropylene for a close fit. The edge is fringe sealed and has rubber head straps of latex free synthetic material. Applications of P3 flat disposable respirators are more or less the same as P1 disposable respirators.

Workforce Safety Products’ high visibility clothing includes jackets, polo shirts and safety jackets. Workforce Safety Products also provides rainwear made of poly nylon, which are lightweight waterproof clothing. They are available in two types namely the navy rainwear set and lime rainwear set. Workforce Safety Products offers disposable overalls such as asbestos rated and general purpose.

Workforce Safety Products’ trade partners are certified under ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001, combining with Workforce Safety Products’ ISO 9001 accreditation. Workforce Safety Products thus ensures that customers receive quality products and efficient services. Product distribution is carried out through a network of selected resellers and distributors.

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