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Worksafe Victoria to provide services in Wodonga

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Workplace safety will be in Wodonga when a team of WorkSafe inspectors are based in the city.

The inspectors are likely to visit more than 100 businesses during the week-long Safe Towns inspection campaign which begins on 20 August.

A briefing breakfast will be held on Tuesday August 7 to outline the program and what the inspectors would be looking at.

“By giving Wodonga employers and workers notice that we are coming and what we’ll be looking for we expect them to use the time available to review their work practices and ensure people have appropriate training,” WorkSafe’s Executive Director, John Merritt, said.

“Safe Towns successfully raised community awareness of workplace safety across the state with areas where it has been run reporting reduced injuries in following years.”

“WorkSafe’s push to improve safety, particularly in regional areas, has been helped by the community getting involved, not just employers and workers, but also families who are instantly affected when something goes wrong.”

“Safety needs to be looked at not as being WorkSafe’s issue or responsibility, but for the broader community.”

Over the past five years in Wodonga alone, more than 1400 work-related injuries have been reported to WorkSafe Victoria. The cost of treatment, rehabilitation and in some cases compensation of those injuries exceeds $24m.

“This has an enormous impact on individuals and businesses, but it also adds a burden to the health system and undermines community organisations which might lose a member to a preventable injury.”

“Deaths are high profile and have obvious consequences, but injuries also rob individuals and communities of capacity and potential.”

“The sources of most injuries – manual handling, unguarded machines, falls from height – all need to be controlled. “

“The means of preventing them are well-known. WorkSafe’s publications, advisory service and inspectors can all help. So can families and friends, because they often know about the hazards faced at work and the shortcuts taken.”

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