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WorkSafe Victoria’s inspectors to visit Bendigo businesses as part of safety improvement campaign

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WorkSafe Victoria’s  inspectors will be visiting small and medium-sized businesses in Bendigo as part of a major safety improvement campaign, Safe Towns, in early May.

Up to 10 WorkSafe Victoria’s inspectors will take part in the visits from 5 May to 9 May.

Unmaintained and unguarded machines, dangerous electrical leads, inadequately trained workers, working at height and poor fire protection will be among the major targets.

“Expect to be inspected and review your safety improvement needs,” the director of WorkSafe Victoria’s manufacturing, logistics and agriculture program, Trevor Martin said.

“Identifying and fixing issues before the visit means everyone has a clear understanding of expectations. When an inspector comes, there will be few issues to deal with.

“Most safety matters can be dealt with quickly and at little cost, particularly if a culture of high safety standards is built and maintained.

“You can’t put a cost on the impact of injuries on individuals, their families and community groups which are also affected. The commercial costs of safety failings are often enormous.

“Often the person who is hurt or killed is the employer,” Trevor Martin said.

“Inspectors can offer advice and provide information on how to make the workplace safe, but employers have to provide a safe workplace while workers have a responsibility to not put themselves or others at risk.

WorkSafe Victoria’s website has information on a wide range of safety topics and occupations. The telephone advisory service can also be contacted.

“Most injuries, including those that cause permanent damage and kill, occur when people are doing ‘routine’ work. Prevention really is better than cure,” Trevor Martin said.

Where a safety issues is identified, an improvement notice will be issued to ensure the matter is addressed within an agreed period.

Where there is an immediate risk to health or safety, a prohibition notice will be issued. A prohibition notice means a work practice or machine must stop until the risk is remedied.

Both notices require sign-off from an inspector before the issues are considered to be resolved.

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