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New guidance material for the labour hire sector

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NEW information aimed at making Victoria's labour hire sector safer has been released by WorkSafe .

There are two publications available: 'Labour Hire Agencies: Managing the safety of on-hired workers' and 'Host employers: managing the safety of labour hire workers’.

A series of worksheets covering induction, hazard identification, training registers and a first-contact checklist for host employers has also been produced.

The guidance material was developed in conjunction with labour hire providers and host employers and is part of a broader WorkSafe program addressing OH&S risks across the labour hire sector.

WorkSafe's Executive Director, John Merritt said a series of industry-specific case studies would clarify the understanding of the OH&S duties facing labour hire companies, group training companies and host employers.

Mr Merritt said the new guidance material would help ensure each part of the sector understand that each had an important role to play in reducing the risk of injury to workers whether they were in a company for a day or a year.

The guide also says:

* Labour hire firms need to take steps to ensure that where they are sending people have appropriate Occupational Health and Safety Standards.

* They need to be able to demonstrate they have taken action to determine that the workplace and its operations are safe before a client is placed there.

* A labour hire firm cannot pass on its legal duty of care.

* Host employers have clear safety obligations for 'deemed' employees (including contractors and casuals) as well as others in their workplace.

* Host employers must not rely on the casual worker or the on-hire agency to have sole responsibility for, or to cater for, health and safety in your workplace in relation to the things that only they have control over.

WorkSafe will stage a series of information sessions on labour hire safety matters across the state.

The first session will be held at Shepparton on 29 August and cover health services (10am to 12.30pm) and horticulture/agriculture 2pm to 4pm.

For more information on the labour hire information sessions contact WorkSafe Victoria.

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