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Building site lift campaign by WorkSafe

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The safe installation of lifts will be in the spotlight as part of a new WorkSafe campaign.

According to WorkSafe, inspectors would carry out spot checks on 100 sites around the state to determine whether lifts are being installed safely.

While lift workers are generally out of sight out of mind on most construction sites, they are exposed to the same causes of death and serious injury as other construction workers.

Unfortunately, there have been serious incidents in lift shafts, which may not have happened if basic safety principles and work practices were followed.

In the past few years workers have suffered serious injuries when a lifting attachment failed during the assembly of a lift car. In another incident a man was trapped on top of a lift car after it went out of control and struck the lift shaft roof 40 floors above the ground.

WorkSafe inspectors will check for up-to-date safety documentation including emergency and rescue procedures, documented installation instructions and work procedures, as well as testing and maintenance records for tools and equipment.

They will pay particular attention to the work practices used by lift companies and their workers and check that lift installers’ are qualified to undertake the high risk construction work of rigging, scaffolding and electrical wiring.

Inspectors will take appropriate compliance action if dangerous situations are identified or where non-compliance with health and safety laws is found. For blatant breaches of safety laws or where there was evidence of incompetence, WorkSafe would recommend those matters for investigation and possible prosecution of employers or cancellation of workers’ certificates.

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