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Switch-mode battery charger and power supply

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article image The Minicharge -- ideal for all small applications.

THE Woods Minicharge is a switch-mode battery charger and power supply with a constant voltage regulated output. The Minicharge is ideal for all small applications, such as home workshop, wheelchair or golf buggy situations and any other set-and-forget recharge station. Feature rich in its safety and usability.


Universal ac mains - 110V ac and 240V ac switch-selectable makes this unit ideal for all mains voltages. Available in 12V, 24V, and 48V - the common range of battery terminal voltages are catered for. Available in 4A, 8A, 16A - powerful constant current ratings on each unit.


Input and output -- internal fuses protect the Minicharge from external faults.

Temperature controlled fan cooling

The internal assembly is protected by an automatic thermoswitch. If the temperature rises above its preset level the fan will be enabled until it has cooled the system to below its lower setting; thus disengaging the cooling fan. This extends the fans' operating life.

Over-temperature shutdown

If, due to severe loading or other fault, the temperature exceeds its safe operating level it will shut the battery charger down until the cooling fan brings the temperature back within safe operating levels.

Reverse battery

If a battery is connected in reverse polarity, the battery charger will not charge until the fault is cleared. If no battery connected, the battery charger will maintain dead voltage-free output until it detects a battery has been connected. The "TEST" button may be pushed to activate power supply mode.

Other battery faults - output short circuit, battery over-voltage, battery under-voltage, overload.


Switch-Mode technology. The Minicharge employs the latest in high-frequency charge control.

Voltage Regulation and Current Limiting. Output voltage regulation ensures that the batteries being recharged to not become overcharged and damaged. The output current of the Minicharge is limited to its maximum to prevent overloading.


LED indication - bright, labelled LED provides instant clear indication of the charging status.

Light and compact, The Minicharge is extremely portable.

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