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Here at Woods we provide a range of battery chargers including Industrial Battery Chargers. The Woods Mains a.c. Stabiliser (MacS) has been designed to provide a stable AC voltage output supply from within a varying input AC voltage range.

The standard models of the MacS are meant for operation from a nominal 240Vac supply. These units will supply a stable 230Vas (3%) from a varying input range of 180Vac to 285Vac. The units will shutdown if the input exceeds 285Vac or if the output supply falls below 200Vac. The MacS incorporates micro-controlled electronic switching devices operating a multi-stage primary tapped power transformer with processor accuracy. The efficiency of a standard transformer is maintained with no waveform distortion even with the input voltage varying greatly.


The management of remote area power supplies is greatly improved with the MacS providing safe stable power and giving security to motors and appliances in and around the house preventing fusion of electrical equipment. Old troublesome generators will have enhanced performances with the MacS greatly reducing its problems of fluctuating output.


Sensitive equipment on overloaded supplies in and out of peak times are made secure by fitting the MacS into the main power of the building. Brown-outs are minimised greatly reducing the risk of damage to voltage sensitive equipment. Great for long circuits and multiple loads, such as marinas and caravan parks where substantial voltage-drop occurs. Also for computer power supply where power stability is unreliable.


Large industrial MacS units are also available. Three phase supply is managed by fitting three (3) MacS units connected in star (Y) configuration. The power ratings are added together. Each of the mains supply is monitored separately giving the ability of levelling the out-of-balance voltages even with unbalanced loads of bad power factor. Units of 100kVA and greater may be built to individual specifications.

Woods is committed to meeting the highest possible safety standards and to independent testing and certification of our products

As displayed and the Hannover MESSE trade fair in 1999. EMC Approved. Complies with AS/NZS 2064.

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