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Wide range of aluminium grilles from Woodflo Manufacturing

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Woodflo Manufacturing  provides ALUMINIUM GRILLE 1 model of grilles that are functional eggcrates and they come in pearl white finish. These grilles are custom made to size with easy removable filters to reduce allergies arising from dust circulation in the house, which also minimises the effectiveness of the air conditioner and heater. For easy cleaning purposes, eggcrate matter is removable. Woodflo Manufacturing provides fixed eggcrate grilles with snap-in clips to eradicate the need for screws or glue. Lose core for ceiling fitting are also available from Woodflo Manufacturing.

Woodflo Manufacturing’s Aluminium Grilles 2 model is an aluminium ceiling diffuser. These good-looking, lightweight grilles with removable centres are suitable for suspended ceiling mounting. Woodflo Manufacturing’s Aluminium Grilles 2 come in powder coated white finish.

Woodflo Manufacturing’s Aluminium Grilles 3 are adjustable double deflection wall registers. Provided with either removable or fixed cores, these powder coated white finish aluminium grilles are available in standard sizes and also made as required by the customer.

Woodflo Manufacturing also offers sturdy Aluminium Louvre Grilles ideal for both external and internal applications. External louvres are weatherproof and are fitted with a birdwire mesh to prevent entry of birds or vermin. This product is available in natural anodised and white finish.

The ESSA Electronic Air Filter from Woodflo Manufacturing is an innovatory new concept in the filtration of sub-micron and micron particles, ideal for home environment. These air filters are available in wall mounted and portable models.

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