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New series elevating platform vehicle available from Woodchuck Equipment

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article image Maxi 750 elevating platform vehicle

Woodchuck Equipment  has added the new Maxi 750 elevating platform vehicle to its Hydralada range of telescopic boom machines.

Self-propelling, the Maxi 750 is a compact, surefooted hydrostatic drive machine that telescopically extends to a working height of 9.5 metres.

This mid-range telescopic boom machine is compact, easy to transport, and can gain its reach from a floor length of just 7.5 metres.

The Maxi 750 is well suited for engineering maintenance, construction, shed erection, tree surgery, and forestry and tree crops and can operate on soft terrain, slopes and undulating surfaces, with no outriggers or stabilisers required.

Hydralada has been producing and refining such machines for the past thirty years, and its super compact, compact, HiLift and Maxi machines all serve numerous applications and have been tested in varying and demanding environments.

Developed to satisfy the requirements of orchards and the tending of small trees in narrow row spacing, the super compact and compact series have been specifically made available in floor heights of 2.0, 2.8, and 3.2 metres.

The HiLift, available in floor heights of 3.6 and 4.4 metres, is the traditional orchardist’s power ladder and is used for servicing overhead netting structures and medium size fruit trees.

With good rigidity, lift capacity and reach, the Maxi 640 is the workhorse of the Maxi range. This machine has applications across many industries, and is particularly popular with netting contractors.

At the big end of the Maxi range, the Maxi 1002 and 1004 machines provide unprecedented stability, traction, safety, reach and performance.

The Maxi 1002 is a zero turn hydrostatic drive machine, similar to the other two-wheel drive Hydralada machines. The Maxi 1004 drives via all four wheels with a rear steering axle for ultimate traction and stability.

With all Hydralada machines, a range of drive control options are available which can be broadly categorised into two types: hand operated, and foot controls which allow the operator to perform all the drive and lift functions with foot pedals while using both hands for working, increasing both productivity and safety.

To further enhance productivity and safety, Hydralada machines also have power tool outlets to allow hydraulic tools such as chainsaws, lopper, drills, impact wrenches, winches and cable cutters to be operated from operator cage using optional hydraulic outlets.

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