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Wonderware releases QI Analyst 8.0 software toolset version

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Wonderware , a business unit of Invensys, has released version 8.0 of QI Analyst software, which features many new enterprise-level quality management functions that enable plant personnel to proactively manage process variations in a standardised way, minimising system setup, maintenance and training costs.

QI Analyst 8.0 software provides companies a single integrated and highly productive software toolset that incorporates plant-floor, IT and business systems.

QI Analyst software is Wonderware's comprehensive real-time statistical process control (SPC) client software that is an integral component of Wonderware's Production and Performance Management Software Solutions.

The QI Analyst software provides a broad range of real-time SPC analysis methods, enabling industrial manufacturers to achieve the benefits of real-time SPC and quality analysis.

QI Analyst software is the quality management element of Wonderware Production and Performance Management Software Solutions, and is designed to improve management of operational processes in manufacturing, according to Wonderware's Production and Performance Management Software Solutions. By providing the data source connectivity required in today's highly distributed IT environments, QI Analyst software enables companies to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

With SPC quality management solutions, people can access important process and plant data sources. QI Analyst software is specifically designed to connect to a wide range of data sources available, enabling systems to be configured to collect data from multiple sources and create an integrated quality database, enhancing system performance.

Version 8.0 can alternately be configured to remotely connect to existing data sources to minimise data redundancy.

QI Analyst software is designed to provide customers with tools that offer the data source connectivity required by today's highly distributed IT environments. Enhancing the competitive advantage of manufacturers, QI Analyst software delivers a comprehensive library of plant performance statistics that can be displayed for the overall process, a given plant or process area or unit, or for any individual process parameter. Using these analysis methods contributes to quality consistency, lower production costs and improved production competitiveness.

In addition, operators and other plant decision-makers can easily monitor important process variations with the QI Analyst software's new SPC Alarm Viewer control. The Alarm Viewer control can be incorporated into HMI screens, such as Wonderware's InTouch software, or into Web pages, enabling operators to immediately detect SPC alarm violations and more quickly address issues.

Once an indicator shows a change in status, the operator can simply click on it to show the complete SPC control chart. The ActiveX control also can be added to a web-based plant information portal, permitting remote decision-makers to scan the plant's process variation levels with minimum time and effort.

Working in tandem with the Alarm Viewer control is the new ChartService. The service, based on the Microsoft Windows operating system, automatically monitors process and plant data in the background, and saves valuable IT resources by not requiring QI Analyst software to run on every PC in the plant. Running on a server, ChartService efficiently evaluates process and plant data, updates chart data and alarms, and communicates results to distributed clients.

The Alarm Viewer control is designed to dramatically improve the efficiency of operators, when monitoring quality parameters. Simple green light/red light indicators can be easily aggregated into a single InTouch HMI screen or Web page. As a result, people can monitor the status of a large number of important quality parameters at a single glance.

If quality violations occur, plant personnel can click on the indicator to quickly drill down and bring up the live SPC chart associated with the indicator. All the detailed information is provided to help operators make well-informed decisions about how to address the problem.

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