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New communication gateway launched

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article image Provides OPC connectivity to current and legacy Wonderware products.

WONDERWARE has announced the release of the FactorySuite Gateway, a new communications product that provides OPC connectivity to current and legacy Wonderware products running across a wide range of Microsoft Windows operating systems.

This new communications gateway further simplifies the integration of third-party applications with Wonderware software.

It also enables easier integration and coexistence of older PCs running Wonderware products, along with the latest Wonderware offerings built on ArchestrA technology.

To further assist customers with software solutions that work with many of the legacy PCs and automation systems they have in place, the FactorySuite Gateway is available at no additional charge for Wonderware FactorySuite customers.

"The FactorySuite Gateway allows the exchange of data between the latest OPC clients, InTouch HMI software and the Industrial Application Server, which is built on the ArchestrA industrial software architecture," chief technology officer Rashesh Mody said.

"It does so via older Wonderware SuiteLink or DDE protocols (I/O Servers), or newer OPC servers. This allows customers to continue running legacy Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 operating systems in conjunction with Wonderware software.

"They also can leverage their existing investments into an integral part of a network of the latest OPC applications and applications based on ArchestrA technology," he said.

"By developing the FactorySuite Gateway, Wonderware reinforces its commitment to using OPC technology to expand the connectivity of Wonderware products."

The FactorySuite Gateway enables users to connect into the distributed application database of the Industrial Application Server or tag databases of the InTouch HMI as if they were OPC servers.

This universal connectivity allows OPC clients and other applications, such as those based on Microsoft's Visual Basic development system, to obtain and use live data from FactorySuite components.

OPC technology was created to provide open interoperability, compatibility and connectivity between multiple systems and applications. Invensys' Wonderware and ArchestrA business units actively support this open connectivity standard.

The FactorySuite Gateway and other device integration products are now available for download from the Wonderware Technical Support Web site at www.wonderware.com/support.

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