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Enhanced communications for MicroLogix 1100 from Wollongong Electrical Engineering

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Wollongong Electrical Engineering (WEE), a part of the Bass Electrical Group, provides electrical engineering solutions. The fields that Wollongong Electrical Engineering caters to encompass electrical and instrumentation manufacturing, maintenance, construction and electronics. Wollongong Electrical Engineering also provides electrical engineers, contractors and services.

Wollongong Electrical Engineering is a member of the ARA Group, one of Australia's premiere building services and products companies. WEE, through one of its member companies, Excell Control, offers products like enhanced communications for MicroLogix 1100 industrial controllers, industrial Ethernet switches and PowerFlex 4M AC Drives.

Wollongong Electrical Engineering, by upgrading Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 industrial controllers from Rockwell Automation, offers clients increased communication, power and speed capabilities. The series B MicroLogix 1100 controllers comprise an onboard Ethernet web server with the capability to alert users on production errors through e-mail.

The implanted communications port and web server from Wollongong Electrical Engineering grants access to control information for concurrent data sharing by remote maintenance engineers, personnel and OEMs throughout the production facility. Users have trouble-free access to basic controller and I/O status information with the implanted, multipurpose text LCD display. A built-in 10/100 Mbps EtherNet or IP port offers peer-to-peer, high-speed messaging.

Also, the functionality of online editing from Wollongong Electrical Engineering enables changes to be made to a running programme and allows fine-tuning of the operating control system and PID loops. This minimises development time and the need for frequent troubleshooting. WEE Rockwell Automation has also added the MicroLogix 1100 DWD controller for uses requiring a 12-24V DC power source.

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