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Wolfson commences sampling of active noise cancellation chip for mobile phones

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Wolfson Microelectronics plc  has announced that it has started sampling of its first active noise cancellation chip specifically designed for mobile phone applications. With this unique noise cancellation technology, Wolfson Microelectronics plc will be able to provide greater call intelligibility in noisy environments.

Voice communication is still the key function of a mobile phone with users now expecting to be able to make reliable, clear and intelligible calls any time and anywhere, even in noisy environments such as busy urban areas or social venues. Ideally, for an intelligible call, a person needs to be able to reduce noise in both directions, enabling both parties to hear all elements of the conversation. Handset manufacturers have only been able to reduce noise in the transmit path only, so that background noise is not transmitted to the other party in the call, while the ambient noise levels remain the same near the listener’s ear.

Wolfson Microelectronics plc, with a new ambient noise cancellation technology that is complementary to the existing transmit path noise cancellation technology, offers a solution that focuses on the receive path and uses active anti-noise to cancel background sound at the handset speaker. Wolfson Microelectronics plc is changing the rules on noise cancellation in mobile phones with its new technology, which suppresses the background noise around the listener’s ear and enables them to have a clear telephone conversation even in noisy environments.

David Monteith, VP of Business Development at Wolfson Microelectronics plc comments, “Active noise cancellation is a powerful tool for improving the user experience in mobile phones and also improving the economics and user satisfaction of mobile phone networks. We are working with a number of manufacturers now and believe handsets containing this advanced technology will be on sale internationally during 2009.”

“We acquired Sonaptic less than a year ago as part of our growth strategy to add to the range of Wolfson AudioPlus products. As a result of the acquisition we diversified our technology portfolio, expanded our total addressable market (TAM) and are now enabling more enhanced user experiences.” said Dave Shrigley, CEO at Wolfson.

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