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Kenwood uses Wolfson Microelectronics’ WM8985 CODEC

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Wolfson Microelectronics  has announced that its WM8985 CODEC has been selected as a key audio component in Kenwood’s PCM digital audio recorder - MGR-A7.

Kenwood’s PCM digital audio recorder - MGR-A7delivers high quality WAV, MP3 and WMA (Windows media audio) playback and is equipped with three microphones for good sound recording in a wide range of situations.

Kenwood turned to Wolfson Microelectronics to provide reliable high performance and low power consumption audio needed in the portable consumer electronics environment.

The WM8985 is a low power, high performance, feature-rich Class A/B to Class D switchable stereo CODEC designed for portable multimedia applications, which require low power consumption.

Featuring ADC performance of 93dB SNR and an innovative programmable noise filter, the WM8985 ensures low power consumption with no compromise to recorded audio quality and audio playback.

Mitsuo Hagiwara of Kenwood said, "We recognise Wolfson as a leading global provider of high performance audio devices around the Hi-Fi world. As a result of thorough examination, Kenwood chose to utilise Wolfson’s innovative CODECs to realise the reliability and high quality audio performance we needed in the MGR-A7 audio recorder."

Amanda Richardson, Product Line Manager of Wolfson comments, “The MGR-A7 seeks to raise the bar in the level of audio playback performance a user should expect from a digital audio recorder. Wolfson are delighted to have been selected by Kenwood to help bring that enhanced end user experience of their customers.”

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