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Plugin and adapter kits for vehicle engines from Wolf Engine Management

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Wolf Engine Management , a brand name of Advanced Engine Management, provides Ignition Control systems and EFI Fuel Injection. Wolf Engine Management is also a supplier of CDI Ignition Systems, Fuel Injectors, Inductive Coil Igniters, Ignition Coils, Tuning Software and Accessories like Wideband AFR O2 Sensor kits and Knock Sensor kits.

Wolf Engine Management specialises in Volume production "OEM" ECU's for specific applications, diesel emissions reduction systems to minimise NOx, ECU's designed to suit specific engine control system, "Racing Use" engine management systems and ECU's designed specifically to substitute fuels such as LPG and CNG.

Engine management systems, which include V500 plugin and adapter kits, are also supplied by Wolf Engine Management. Full V500 ECU flexibility with the reliability and simplicity of adapter harnesses permits the customer to plug the V500 ECU directly into the car’s present harness or simply cut and connect the required wires.

Wolf Engine Management V500 Universal ECU is modern good performance engine management. The new Wolf V500 is powerful, compact and provides the vehicle with paramount features. Wolf Engine Management’s USB to Serial Adapter has been tested and proved to be the most reliable with quick data transmission rate.

Wolf Engine Management’s V400 PC Software 4.72.71 is a key software update for users that utilises Wolf 3D Version 4 ECU's. There are 2D graphs, 3D graphs and PC based Datalogging traces. The flexibility offered makes ECU tuning and monitoring much faster than the older version of V4.49 PC Software.

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