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Salads packaging for Greenfields Salads by Wisemate Foods

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Greenfields Salads, makers of prepared salads for independent grocers and fruit and vegetable shops, approached Wisemate Foods with a view to the packaging of salad dressings for their value added salads line.

What Greenfields Salads wanted was the ability to insert a sachet of salad dressing into each package of pre-prepared salad. Greenfields Salads aim was to capture that section of the market whose priorities are healthy eating, yet whose food preparation times are restricted by work and other commitments.

Wisemate Foods’ product development team came up with a range of salad dressings to suit the types of value added salads being considered. The salad dressings needed to fulfil a number of criteria relating to sachet production, for example, oil and particulate limitations.

Greenfields then carried out sensory evaluations on the samples provided and eventually selected Caesar Salad Dressing, Creamy Italian Dressing and Red wine and Peppercorn dressing for accompaniments to their value added salad packs.

Wisemate Foods packages these sachets in sizes up to 75 grams per sachet. The sachets are individually printed with Greenfields’ logo, ingredients and nutrition information panel as well as the best before date, in compliance with the Food Standards Code.

Following the success of the sachets in the value added salads pack, Greenfields has expanded its range to 250 mL glass bottles of salad dressing, also processed and packaged by Wisemate Foods.

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