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Fast food sauces packaging from Wisemate Foods

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Fast food chains often need to run short promotions to extend their market appeal at different times of the year. Just like the clothing industry, the fast food industry also has its fashions and must constantly offer new items to retain customer interest.

Fast food companies regularly approach Wisemate Foods with a theme for their next promotion; let’s say for example, Winter Warmers. Wisemate Foods then produces a number of fast food sauces or marinades to accompany this theme, tailored to match the particular variety of cuisine involved, whether it be burgers, chicken or noodles.

The Fast Food company’s product development managers then sample the sauce or marinade and decide their preferences. They might wish to tweak the sauce a little – Can we have this taste, but more viscosity? or We loved the taste and consistency, but we want it spicier overall. Wisemate Foods adjusts the fast food sauce accordingly until the client is satisfied with both product and price.

Fast food sauces can be packaged in bulk containers of 5 kg which can be decanted in-store into squeeze bottles. Or for an extra cost, sauces can be packaged directly into 1 Litre squeeze bottles.

In-house design and printing of labels by Wisemate Foods ensures a faster turn-around, enabling orders to be met on time and at short notice.

Fast food chains require suppliers who can guarantee product safety and reliability. Wisemate Foods is fully compliant with independently audited HACCP requirements and has a comprehensive food safety programme which includes regular external auditing by various agencies.

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