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Laundry, wobbly, transport and hand trolley from Wiretainers

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Wiretainers  specialises in designing and manufacturing materials handling equipment for various industries. Wiretainers offers comphrensive range of products including crates, pallets, stillages, safety cages, trolleys, pallet converters and hand trucks. The containers designed and manufactured by Wiretainers are ideal for transporting component parts used in manufacturing process.

Laundry trolleys from Wiretainers are available in various types and sizes. The trolleys include shirt trolley, laundry trolley, clothing transport trolley which comes with steering handles, drop side trolley and small strong trolley with half door. Laundry trolley is ideal for commercial launderers. It is used in conjunction with trolley liner. Galvanised materials are used in making laundry trolley and come with touch painted welds or in full paint finish forms.

Two position hand trolley from Wiretainers is a heavy capacity trolley and it can be used in upright or flat bed positions. Transport trolley is easy to use and it is ideal for all kinds of industries. It is also available in custom and standard forms. Wobbly trolleys from Wiretainers are ideal for post and courier industry. This kind of wobbly trolley is solid trolley which can be handled easily and helps in transferring weighty loads.

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