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Animal cages, stillages and stackable containers from Wiretainers

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Wiretainers  designs and manufactures materials handling equipment including animal cages, stillages and stackable containers.

Animal cages manufactured by Wiretainers include everything ranging from bandicoot traps to cages. These animal handling and holding cages from Wiretainers are supplied to various sectors including zoos, sanctuaries, councils and also too reptile farms. Live animal traps, rat and mice breeding boxes are also supplied by Wiretainers in large quantities.

Cat carrying cage is also available from Wiretainers. Live animal traps from Wiretainers are safe and easy to use. These kinds of live animal traps are used by pest controllers and trap councils. Live animal traps are available for trapping cats, rats, foxes, dogs, bandicoots, pigs, possums and pigeons.

Stillages and stackable containers from Wiretainers include lockable, collapsible, standard skidbase and cupfoot stillages. Lockable stillages from Wiretainers it comes with a lock and is ideal for protecting and storing dangerous goods. Collapsible stillage is ideal when transporting a product and minimises the amount of packaging.

Standard skidbase stillages from Wiretainers are made using strength of skids and it helps in utilising the space available on back of the truck. Specialised cupfoot and skidbase stillages are also made by Wiretainers.

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