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Wire ropes and wire rope slings from Wire Rope Corp of America

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Wire Rope Corp of America  is also called as WireCo WorldGroup manufactures wire ropes, wire rope slings. The wire ropes from Wire Rope Corp of America are available in various types including 6x7 sand lines, speciality small ropes, rotation resistant ropes, 6x19 and 6x 36 wire ropes.

The 6x19 wire rope from Wire Rope Corp of America comes with standard 6 strands, round strand ropes. These ropes have 16 to 26 wires per stand. The 6x36 wire ropes include round strand ropes with 27 to 49 wires per stand. The rotation resistant wire ropes are economical and ideal for specific applications. Rotation resistant ropes are of various types. Type 1 rotation resistant rope come with 15 outer strands, it has three layers of strands. Type 2 rotation resistant rope has 10 outer strands. The type 1 rotation resistant rope is used along with a swivel.

Wire rope slings are also offered by Wire Rope Corp of America. Wire rope slings are further classified into single body part, grommet, socketed assemblies, 6 and 8 parts. The end of single part body hand splice wire rope slings is bent to form an eye. The strands are hand tucked to the body of the rope. Burnt end splices are used to make slings with wire rope bodies that are larger in diameter.

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