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Winovate offers electronic products and anti graffiti anti corrosive coatings

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High tech electronic products including electronic manufacturing, anti-graffiti anti corrosive coatings are offered by Winovate which is a research and development company. The areas of business carried out by Winovate includes development of intellectual property, electronic manufacture, circuit board design and layout, automation and control, electronic prototyping, advanced loudspeaker and designing of amplifiers.

Electronic manufactured products from Winovate are produced by quick turnaround hole PCB loading, assembling of electro mechanical products, automated lead cutting, dual wave soldering, surface mount prototyping and comprehensive testing. Schematic circuit diagram are also made by Winovate. The OEM supplier of PCBs to Winovate includes customised transformers and customised inductors.

Some of the products from Winovate are under development including lighting technology, electrostatic loudspeakers, motor amplifier, multi axis NC controllers and image recognition system for quality control.

Anti graffiti anti corrosive coatings are also available from Winovate. This anti graffiti anti coating is fluoropolymer paint which is patented and it is designed to protect the surface of metals from corrosive environments like jet fuel storage tanks and ships. This anti graffiti anti corrosive coating is resistant to sun bleach, damages. It is also impact and graffiti resistant. Anti corrosive coatings from Winovate are ideal for industrial and commercial corrosive areas.

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