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Thermographic cameras from Windsor Business Solutions

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Windsor Business Solutions  provides high quality thermal imaging ideal for a range of applications including automotive, building, maintenance, electrical, energy loss in buildings, veterinary and mining. Windsor Business Solutions uses safe and non invasive method in capturing a thermal image.

Thermography is used to show the different variation in temperature. It gives the actual temperature reading. A thermographic image is about the same size as a normal video camera. Thermography camera can also be connected to laptop to view video.

Windsor Business Solutions uses thermography for various applications like buildings, bridges, boiler tubes, electrical, bearings, pipe bends, heat exchangers, infrastructure, pipes, refrigeration, water ingress and leaks, pavement and roads, non destructive testing, predictive maintenance on equipment, refractory, overheated motors, gearboxes rollers, switchboards or cabinets etc. Thermography can also be used for medical, veterinary and it is ideal for horses.

Windsor Business Solutions recommends customers to take the image (veterinary) to a qualified Vet for diagnosis. The thermal imaging is used to reduce energy loss. Windsor Business Solutions has recently purchased a Thermo Pro TP8 thermograghy camera.

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