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Nichrome wire available from Wiltronics Research

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Nichrome wire is now available in 100g reels from Wiltronics Research. Nichrome wire has only been available for a quantity of ½ a tonne.

As the name suggests Nichrome wire is an alloy consisting of approximately 80% Nickel and 20% Chromium.

Nichrome is a high resistance wire and stable when hot, making it suitable for uses including all sorts of heating elements, hot wire styrene foam cutters, wire wound resistors, current shunts etc.

The wire is even used by hobby rocketeers to provide the heat source for electric ignition of their rockets.

Nichrome wire has a positive temperature coefficient, the resistance of the wire increase with heat.

Wiltronics stocks 8 different wire sizes ranging from 18 SWG (1.22mm Diametre.) at a nominal resistance of 1 ohm/metre, down to 32 SWG (0.27mm Diametre.) at a nominal resistance of 20 ohms/metre.

The large range of specialty wire is now available from Wiltronics Research.

In addition to the Nichrome wire, Wiltronics Research also stocks Constantan/Eureka Wire, Tinned Copper wire, Enamelled Copper wire, Bare Copper wire, Wire Wrap/Kynar Wire and a full range of insulated wire and cables.

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