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Kynar wire, also known as wire wrap wire is now available in 30m reels from Wiltronics .  

Kynar wire was originally designed for use in solderless joints, typically in telecommunications and computing applications.  

The Kynar insulation was stripped back and the wire was neatly wrapped around a terminal post.  

The wire wrap wire has found another use in the replacement of PCB tracks on damaged PCBs.

The Kynar insulation is made from polyvinylidene fluoride or PVDF and is a highly non-reactive and pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer.

The material has a high physical strength and offers good resistance to solvents as well as acids. PVDF has a melting temperature of over 170ºC.

Kynar wire is available in a full range of colours including Grey, Black, Brown, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Blue, White and Orange.  

Kynar wire wrap wire is available in 30AWG and comprises of silver-plated copper wire with a Kynar plastic insulation.  

Wiltronics also stocks a simple hand wire wrapping tool.  

These speciality wires are now available from Wiltronics. In addition to Kynar wire wrap wire, the company also stocks Constantan/Eureka wire, tinned copper wire, enamelled copper wire, bare copper wire, nichrome wire as well as a full range of insulated wires and cables.

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