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Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks available from Wiltronics Research

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Wiltronics Research  has expanded its product range significantly by including a large range of laboratory supplies. This includes Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks also known as Conical Flask.

The range includes capacities from 50ml to 2000ml. The flasks are of the traditional style, with permanent graduation markings kiln fired onto the glass.

The full range of Erlenmeyer Flasks has been manufactured using borosilicate glass which has good chemical and physical properties, having a silica content of 80%.

These borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flasks have mechanical strength and a high resistance to chemical attack. Borosilicate glass has a low linear coefficient of thermal expansion and as a result the Erlenmeyer Flasks are capable of withstanding high thermal stock, when compared to standard soda glass products.

The borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures up to 450 deg. C making these Erlenmeyer Flasks particularly suited to boiling applications.

Wiltronics direct imports this range of Erlenmeyer Flasks from Jiangsu Province, China’s specialty glass making centre and delivers them to the Australian market.

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