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Wilkinson on return on investment for electronic forms

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A new white paper from Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions provides a reliable guide to calculating the return on investment (ROI) for electronic forms software.

In this four-page white paper, which is available for download at Wilkinson website, it recommends analysing six categories of document output management costs:

Forms volumes: the number of different form types used e.g. purchase order, invoice or statement, and the quantity of each form type generated

Labour costs: the average time required to perform each stage of the forms handling process e.g. time taken to address an envelope, insert the form, apply postage and physically mail the item

Document distribution/storage costs: the costs of postage, fax and email transmission, office/warehousing space for filing/archiving and electronic storage e.g CDs, hard disk space

Stationery costs: the cost of purchasing pre-printed forms, plain paper, envelopes and toner for printers, faxes and copiers

Equipment costs: the costs of purchasing and maintaining printers and other equipment such as fax systems

Electronic forms software costs: includes software licenses, software installation services, customisation or application integration work, training and maintenance

An analysis of document output management costs is likely to show that specialised electronic forms software, such as the WilComm document output management solution from Wilkinson, offers a number of benefits when compared to manual forms processing systems.

These include:

  • Lower cost of stationery such as pre-printed forms and envelopes
  • Reduced labour costs due to automation of the forms process
  • Shorter forms processing cycles
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduction in physical storage requirements due to digital filing and archiving
  • Greater efficiency in data usage by integrating forms processing with ERP and other enterprise applications

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