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Wiley Wins Innovation in Environmental Management Award for the Swift Hides Processing Facility

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Wiley & Co  offers a complete suite of services in project advice, design, engineering and construction.  

Wiley proudly announces that the hides processing facility designed and constructed for Swift Australia at Dinmore, Queensland has been awarded the prestigious Housing and Construction Award in the Innovation in Environmental Management category.  

The Housing and Construction Awards hosted annually by Master Builders Queensland recognise exceptional achievements in project workmanship and innovation.  

The category ‘Innovation in Environmental Management’ showcases projects that evidence an improvement in environmental outcomes by developing and implementing products, systems and engineering solutions.  

The state-of-the-art hide processing facility was built on the grounds of Swift’s existing Dinmore site.  

The new facility employs more than 50 staff with the capacity to process up to 6000 hides each day.  

Swift Australia’s objective was to create an environmentally sound hides processing facility, allowing them the ability to process hides in-house.  

Wiley was contracted to design, engineer and construct the new facility to meet Swift’s hide processing needs from multiple plants throughout Queensland.  

Hides processing typically has an adverse environmental impact due to the high salt discharge and water use, but this facility engineered by Wiley is now considered a nil discharge site with significantly reduced environmental impact.  

This world-class hide processing facility for Swift is innovative, environmentally-effective, sustainable and designed to last in a highly corrosive salt atmosphere.  

The facility is easy to operate as well as maintain, has reduced processing costs significantly while improving control over the product and is cost-efficient to build and operate over its lifecycle.  

Awards are recognition of the Wiley commitment to excellence in all projects.

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