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Efficiency and profitability improved at grain milling facility after upgrade by Wiley & Co

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article image JBS Australia's feedlot now produces higher quality grain, with flexible levels of Premix addition possible
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Wiley & Co recently helped JBS Australia to improve productivity at one of its feedlots by designing and installing a turnkey plant for grain steeping and steam milling.

A division of JBS, Brazil’s largest multinational in the food sector, and the world’s largest meat company, JBS Australia contracted Wiley & Co to design, procure, install and startup the new turnkey plant at a feedlot operating at a current level of 35,000 head.

A key requirement of this new plant was that the facility needed to be capable of producing batches of Premix feed additive at reduced cost, while providing complete flexibility of recipe.

Wiley & Co initially investigated and reported on the throughput capacity of the existing equipment at JBS Australia's feedlot, noting areas where modifications would be required to meet the target capacities.

From there, the company was involved in master planning and evaluating process options, before design, engineering and construction of the new turnkey plant was undertaken.

Once completed, start up of the new process was achieved with little disruption to operations. The improved quality of grain produced together with the flexibility of Premix addition levels has improved the profitability of the facility and will allow for a future increase in production throughput to pave the way for increased cattle numbers in the future.

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