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New DMLP vehicle-based digital system from Amskan

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Amskan  DMLP is a sophisticated vehicle-based system that integrates the Amskan’s proprietary Superlaser non-contact surface measuring sensor technology and Modular Video Capture System (MVCS) for surveying road and highway network conditions at high speeds.

The system processes and analyses road quality data, including roughness (IRI), surface macro-texture and rutting, along with GPS and video data acquisition.

The high performance Superlaser displacement sensor incorporates axial inertial compensation, high-speed analogue/digital converters (ADCs) and programmable internal data stream processing/reduction to provide real-time data capture and on-board processing and analysis.

Superlaser’s processing power removes the need for auxiliary equipment in the survey vehicle, and the use of Ethernet communications enables considerable scalability without great cost or space penalties.

The DMLP is a complete family of digital systems.

Real-time processing and display of all condition results gives instant feedback to the operators, dramatically reducing the traditional margin for operational faults (and the associated requirement to repeat an entire data acquisition run) and late-night bleary-eyed post-processing.

Available in a wide range of configurations and system options, this scalable system can be tailored to suit individual requirements, from a portable single laser system, up to systems comprising 11 lasers or more.

The DMLP can be supplied fitted to a vehicle, or supplied independently.

The new Amskan MVCS is a multi-channel video system that uses a separate video processor per camera, allowing for up to 6 or more independent cameras to acquire high quality video data.

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