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IRIS 2000 measuring instrument from Amskan

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Amskan  IRIS 2000 is an advanced road surface condition-measuring instrument, designed to measure the international roughness index (IRI) on short sections of roadway.

It is particularly effective for road construction contractors, providing instant feedback on surface construction work quality, as the work proceeds.

Designed to be simple to operate, the instrument is also aimed at making IRI measurement more accessible to councils and other road managers, as part of their daily operations.

It is a sophisticated portable device, comprising a proprietary high quality dual-beam mechanism, which slides on long-life diamond-ground tungsten carbide pads.

Electronic, measurement and processing subsystems collect the surface profile and distance information, as the instrument is moved over the surface.

At the end of the section to be measured, the IRI is instantly calculated and stored automatically, and the result is available immediately on the operator display panel.

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