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Zone I torch with hands free option

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article image Wolf’s intrinsically safe torch in hands-free mode.

WHYTE-Hall has added an intrinsically safe torch range to the Wolf safety lamp products it stocks in Australia that includes hands-free options. Carrying BASEEFA Certificate No. EX 873555. the torches are approved for Zones I and 2; and gas groups IIA. IIB and IIC.

The range comprises four models. Two are of conventional design with their head in line with the body, one in a three-cell, the other in a two-cell version. The other two have the head set at right angles to the body, again in a two and a three-cell option.

The right-angle head versions lend themselves to being clipped into a pocket or belt so that they direct their beam ahead of the wearer for convenient hands-free operation. Modular construction makes for parts interchangeability between versions.

Wolf has computer-designed each torch's parabolic reflector so the user can adjust the beam for broad floodlit illumination down to a powerful spot. The 0.5-ampere xenon bulbs provide up to 25 lumens output with a peak luminous intensity (as a spot) of up to 300 lux.

Wolf's Ex construction comprises two separate explosion-protected enclosures. The bulb and internal rotating switch are housed in a self-relocking "e" (increased safety) enclosure.

The dry cells are housed in an "ib" (intrinsically safe) enclosure, so that battery replacement can be done even in a hazard zone. The torches weigh 425 to 540 grams including cells.

The torches are certified for carbon zinc primary cells. Alkaline manganese cells can't be used because they exceed electrical intrinsic safety limits. Whyte-Hall 02 9838 4420.

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