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Whindy borers from Whyte-Hall Australia

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Whyte-Hall Australia  are dedicated to providing industrial operations with quality equipment including Whindy borers for mining applications. Whindy borers are designed for rib bolting and hand drilling in soft stone and coal. These lightweight borers, engineered and designed in Australia, are designed to minimise operator strain and ensure increased productivity and less wastage.

Features of whindy borers from Whyte-Hall Australia include:

  • 10kg weight including wet attachment
  • Strong austlon and cast iron construction making these units particularly suited for rugged mining applications
  • Water flushing feature
  • Epicyclic gearbox

Specifications for whindy borers include:

  • Air pressure: 620-690 kPa (90-100 Psi)
  • Speed no load: 1000 rpm
  • Air consumption: 0.05m³/sec (106 CFM)
  • Stall torque: 75-82 Nm (55-60 Ft./lbs)

Whindy borers from Whyte-Hall Australia are fully featured to provide an optimum boring performance in heavy mining applications.

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