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Explosion-protected rechargeable safety torch

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article image 'Snapped' into charger, 'snatched' out for use.

PORTABLE safety light supplier Wolf Safety Lamp, has released a new range of rechargeable safety torches through Whyte-Hall . This new product represents the latest in technology, design, and approvals.

Its IECEx certification makes it suitable for use in many countries that have adopted the new international scheme, including Australia.

The release of the R30 and R50 models have been followed by the all-new R55 Zone 0 version.

First impression when handling the R30 4-watt tungsten halogen version is its light weight, at just over 300 grams.

The bulb can be changed in seconds - a spare being stored in the head. When the Lithium-ion rechargeable battery needs changing, it is separated from the programmable control board in little more than a minute, and a replacement battery can be snapped together with the controller, the two screws refastened and the cassette re-loaded back into the torch body.

Charging is efficiently performed in a bulk-head/wall-mountable holder. The torch is 'snapped' into the charger and 'snatched' out for immediate use.

Three red LED indicators on the torch body light up to full charge, and down in discharge. On full power, light duration is three hours and six hours on half power. An 85% recharge takes just 90 minutes.

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