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Clip-on safety device light

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article image Pinpoint personnel in difficulties.

THE Wolf Lite Tracker from Whyte-Hall makes people highly visible even through smoke filled environments, and at night, in clear conditions, from as far as a kilometre or more away.

Smaller than a cigarette pack, the Lite Tracker clips strongly to webbing or clothing, with a D-ring for attachment by lanyard.

The Lite Tracker emits a distinctive flashing strobe though a special diffusing lens designed to light up the front of the wearer's torso for the safety of fire fighters, miners and others in hazardous areas.

Commercial fishers, yachties and other sea-goers are also big users, with one of the marine models of Lite Tracker switching on automatically on contact with water, making it essential for use on life jackets and survival suits.

Even the standard models, which switch on via push-button, withstand short-term immersion, thanks to the electronics and cells having been encased in a clear sealed polycarbonate body.

Emergency services personnel, for whom the device is virtually "must" attire, have been known to press Lite Trackers into service as emergency lighting attached to ropes across cordoned-off areas.

Two AAA size dry cells power the device for up to 50 hours at full brightness, with a gradual drop-off thereafter. Weighing only 100 grams, it measures 45mm by 65mm by 40mm.

Carrying approvals for use in hazardous zones 0, 1 and 2, the Lite Tracker comes with an amber lens as standard with red available as an option. Whyte-Hall 02 9838 4420.

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