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Air-powered lights for hazardous areas

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article image The Turbolite can even be operated safely underwater, once it is pressurised.

THE Wolf Turbolite range of air-powered lamps released by Whyte-Hall puts out up to 9000 lumens — more than the combined output of 700 torches — yet are safe to use in Zones I&II.

From a common turbo-alternator, the new-generation Turbolites can be configured as a floodlight or spotlight or for all-round lighting by the attachment of different heads.

As such, the Turbolite will prove invaluable for tank cleaning, pipeline inspections and some mining, petrochemical, oil and sewage treatment operations, indeed wherever wet environments or the presence of explosive vapours or gases would preclude the use of electric powered or heat-generating light sources.

Spark-prevention is assured by housing the Turbolites and their safety hooks in cast brass, and nickel plating all external parts.

Turbolite operation is completely safe in hazard zones I and 2 provided the Turbolite is powered by a clean dry compressed air supply via an anti-static hose.

Wolf tests every lamp before it leaves the factory. Specifiers have the choice of two types of 24V, 250W tungsten halogen bulb. One delivers 6000 lumens for 2000 hours, the other 9000 lumens for 200 hours.

As a spot beam the Turbolite is capable of delivering a peak luminous intensity at 5m of 2000 lux. As a flood lamp. 950 lux at 5m. And configured for all-round illumination. 70 lux at 2.5m radius.

Safety features include a pressurised and purged system, protective curtain of air from the exhaust ports, instant cut-off if the lens is broken and cooling of heat generating components.

The Turbolite weighs 7.9kg in an all-round lighting configuration and 12.2kg in other configurations. Whyte-Hall 02 9838 4420.

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