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Air-powered bladeless fans

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article image Flameproof and maintenance free.

WHYTE-Hall Ringjets are bladeless, motorless fans with no moving parts and powered by compressed air to provide the capability of either blowing or extraction.

They are suitable for use in hazardous areas and are flameproof and virtually maintenance free.

When employed as a blower the total output of the Ringjet which includes the compressed air supply - the induced airflow in the throat - and the entrained air from the surroundings is many times greater than the inlet of compressed air flow.

Typical ratios between total airflow and inlet airflow are in excess of 25:1.

When in use in the extraction mode the outlet may be fitted with a hose to convey fumes, dirt water or small solid objects either to waste or into a container.

When the Ringjet is being used to provide suction the induced air velocity can exceed 50m/sec (10,000ft/min).

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