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Air movers for degassing and purging.

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article image Traditional forms of mechanical ventilation are no longer permitted to be used in many hazardous applications.

WHYTE-Hall has released Venturi air movers for degassing and purging of tanks, sewers and general cooling applications.

Over the past twelve months changes in various industries have meant traditional forms of mechanical ventilation are no longer permitted to be used in many hazardous applications. Whyte-Hall has been able to package different air movement solutions using its Airmover Venturi range.

In South Australia, Whyte-Hall supplied 22 of its MAR001-M 203.2mm fire resistant anti-static air movers, mounted in groups of three into a 609.6mm manifold system. This system was connected by 508mm of semi-rigid ducting to five entry points around the exterior of a 7ML fuel storage tank. This configuration was able to extract more than 1.2ML/min of air, ensuring that the air inside the tank was safe for maintenance work.

An Australian airline needed to dilute foul odours and provide fresh air in confined spaces where its employees were required to spray large volumes of a corrosive inhibitor on structural members of the aircraft whilst undergoing heavy maintenance.

Another safety problem that presented itself throughout this application was the potential of foreign object damage. Maintenance staff were concerned that objects could be sucked in through the airmover and launched as a projectile. Whyte-Hall design staff were able to come up with an interchangeable, impact resistant, cast polyurethane, clip-on guard which could be retrofitted to the existing set up.

Whyte-Hall offers a range of air-powered axial flow steel and lightweight fiberglass ventilation and degassing fans for all applications where explosive, combustable and flammable dusts, mists and vapours are present.

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