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Add on fluorescent lights from Whyte-Hall Australia

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Whyte-Hall Australia  provide add on fluorescent lights that allows the connectivity between more than 75 lights from a single power source. This provides a continuous, convenient, scalable and portable fluorescent lighting system particularly useful for rugged industrial applications. Add on fluorescent lights supply expandable lighting where it's needed and provide a solution where power outlets are at a premium.

Add on fluorescent lights are quality constructed with a tough fibreglass reinforced polyester body and shatter-proof, UV stabilised polycarbonate diffusers with lockable retaining clips.

Optional variables for add on fluorescent lights include:

  • Single or twin 18 and 36 watt systems
  • Safe 32 Vac systems
  • Custom configurations available upon request
  • Compact weather-proof connectors
  • Custom cable lengths
  • Optional hanging straps with steel hooks

Features of add on fluorescent lights include:

  • Guaranteed IP65 weatherproofing
  • Dustproof, rustproof and corrosion resistant
  • Internal prisms optimise light control for wide, shadowless lighting
  • Ultra bright, easy to replace and energy efficient T8 fluorescent bulbs
  • Internal shock absorbing globe support
  • Industrial rated IP67 compact power connectors
  • Cord: heavy duty 3 core rated 15 Amp. Standard 5m lead with plug connecting cable. Custom cord length from 1 to 20 m also available.
  • Entry Cord: entry cord-to-connector length is 20m, (unless specified otherwise)
  • Plug: All add on fluorescent lights are supplied standard with grounded 3-pin, 15 amp, IP67 plugs and an entry cord connector

For versatile, powerful and robust lighting systems designed for rugged industrial applications, Whyte-Hall Australia provide add on fluorescent lights that are easily installed and flexible to suit whatever operation.

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