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White Electronic Designs selected to develop aircraft control panel for government aircraft application

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White Electronic Designs  has been selected to design and manufacture a Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) integrated panel for a government aircraft application.

“We are excited to participate in this project,” said Jeff Osmun, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for White Electronic Designs.

“The Defense & Aerospace market segment demands extremely high reliability, accuracy and performance; all qualities that are aligned perfectly with our reputation and heritage for leading-edge design and manufacturing of quality military components and systems.”

The project employs White Electronic Designs’ electromechanical products divisions’ knowledge of military aircraft assemblies, expert design and build-to-print capabilities for the integrated NVIS control panel.

One of the major requirements of the project was to ensure the cockpit illumination did not emit energy that could interfere with infrared sensitive night vision goggles or other night vision equipment.

The night vision goggles used in military aircraft are responsive to low light level intensities and employ high gain electronic image intensifiers that are sensitive to light in the near-infrared and infrared regions.

The infrared emissions from the cockpit illumination must be removed or eliminated to a degree that there is no interference with the use of the night vision equipment while providing sufficient brightness for direct viewing with the unaided adapted eye. The White Electronic Designs’ designed NVIS control panel will also minimise the emissions in the infrared region without affecting the portion of the visible spectrum to which the human eye is most sensitive.

“As we further penetrate into this market segment, we continue to solidify our company’s position as a trusted supplier,” adds Osmun.

White Electronic Designs also announced that it was awarded contracts worth $7.9 million for its manufacture of products used in multiple Global Positioning System (GPS) platforms last year. White Electronic Designs will produce the integrated control panel in its Fort Wayne, Indiana facility and will commence product deliveries in the company’s third quarter.

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